Testimonials for Andy's Ebook "Wire Writing Secrets"

Andy, I bought the 'How to Make Wire Names" book and I am GLAD I found it. I am a 66 yr old disabled man on dialysis and now I have a way to make a living! Doing wire names at festivals and farmers markets and my worst day I made $100. Usually I make between $200 & $300 a day. Not bad for "working" 10 hours on a weekend.

I love what I am doing and the people I meet making wire name pins and pendants.

Thanks for showing me this opportunity

Peter Lansing, Milford, OH, USA - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

"I have only had your Ebook 2 days and already I know I made the right choice.."

Dear Andy,

I purchased your ebook on name writing after many weeks of searching for the right instructor for me, on the internet. I have only had your book 2 days and already I know I made the right choice.

Thank you so much!

Victoria Lenning, Covington, LA, USA

Left Handers can do it too !

Andy, I am having a ball I bought your ebook which is GREAT I just bent my first name YOLY which is easy but showed me that it CAN be done.

I am left handed and I am adjusting to suit my hand. Sometimes forward means backwards !! but I am figuring it out.

Thank you,

Jane Lopez, Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA

"I love the book it is very clear and the pictures convey a lot of information.."

Hello Andy,

I have the e-book and it is great, I am doing well with my bending. Making the Names is a lot of fun, I can't wait till I get fast enough, good enough and consistent enough to start selling ! I am practicing almost every night.

Thanks again for your help,


Karen Kuntz, OK, USA

DO IT NOW ! - Sylta likes to act

Dear Andy,

First I would like to thank you for the samples and laminated card I got in the mail yesterday. I have been making all kinds of jewelry for years . I love it and LOVE learning new things. It was frustrating trying to find instructions online.

Thank you again and Best Regards,

Sylta Gravely, Franklin Square, NY, USA


Testimonials for Andy's Name Jewelry

Do i get a frequent buyer discount? haha, thanks man I appreciate your work :) -

Chris Brown
Andy,Thank you so much for doing my "special" order. Great ordering from you!!!

Andy, We received the names. And thank you they are very happy with them and so am I. Again thanks

Andy, I received the "Kristianna" necklace and it is absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you for doing such a great job on it!

Dear Andy, Just a quick line to let you know that I have received my name badge safely. Thank you for letting me know

Thank you for your time and efforts and sending this necklace. I really appreciate you giving your skills into making this gift for me.Thank you once again respectfully

Thanks a lot! I will be sure to tell people about you. Thanks again!

Good grief you are quick! Thanks!

Andy- They came in today and are great!!! I am so excited by your unique art!!! I will be back. Many thanks!!


Received the necklaces. My nieces will love them! Thanks!


Andy, You have been great to work with and I appreciate your help


Thank you Andy for the very prompt delivery of my order. I was amazed at how quickly they are arrived, and are very happy with them, as I am sure my 2 daughters (Crystal & Georgia) will be at Christmas time. Thanks again


Thank you very much. By the way, I think the way you "Bend" jewelery is very fascinating, and creative. It is also very beautiful


Just wanted you to know the "Cassie" necklace was received today and I think it is beautiful. Thank you so much

Gary & Wendy

Hi Andy, I received the necklace and name badge. They are beautiful! The delivery was quick. Thank you!


Just to let you know that the three name badges arrived this morning and I am thrilled with them, they are beautifully made.
Ten days from order to delivery in the uk - a super service - much faster service than goods ordered 2 1/2 weeks ago from the UK! . Thank you. I will certainly recommend you to all my friends


I just rec'd the two necklaces I ordered for Samantha and Tuesday...they are beautiful! Much prettier than I had imagined. My two girls will be very thrilled w/ their Christmas presents. I will refer you to any one who asks where they got their jewelry from. Thanks for such great work -- and quick turn around, too.


Thanks Andy for your excellent customer service, I know Trina will love her gift. She is attending school and meets many people. Hoping to send more business your way. Best Best Regards


Received my name brooch yesterday. It is lovely. l have been wanting this type of jewellery for a long time.Surfing the net has paid off. Thank you so much


Thanks for the good work, the package arrived in the post yesterday and you made my son extremely happy! It was beautiful......great work! Cheers and have a Happy and save holidays!


Yesterday, I received your benders. They are pretty, the job promptly and correctly executed. In addition to that, you proved to be helpful, and last but not least, friendly. Those qualities are now generally missing, thank you for making it up ! It gives me hope

Marie Jeanne

You really are great! I've been waiting on an airmail package for 3 weeks from someone else but I received my order from you in just a few days!!! Thanks so much!


I received the beautiful necklace today - I am quite pleased, as will be my niece when she receives it as a birthday present! I have other nieces, so may be doing business again! I didn't realize I was ordering all the way from Australia! Received it quick anyhow! Thanks so much


I just received my necklace and its beautiful! thank u so much! ive been looking for a name-necklace for the longest time and im SO glad that I ended up choosing your site for my name necklace! its so unique and just downright pretty!! shipping was fast, service was great, im defnitely going to tell my friends about your necklaces thanks again!

Thanks Andy - my wife really loved it!

I am pleased to write you and report that I am so excited about my name necklace! It arrived super-fast (especially considering that it came from Australia) and it is completely beautiful! I am so lucky to have found you when I was looking for a product like this. The quality can't be beat - I would have paid a lot more and been equally satisfied. Thank you - I will recommend you to all my friends.

Thank you. You do such beautiful work. I am wearing my necklace today. Thank you

I am happy to say my necklace has arrived today. I absolutely love it; it is such a great product at such a low price :) Your customer service skills are excellent. It was my first time ordering online and you definitely made it enjoyable and also very very trustworthy. 10/10 for customer service and 10/10 for the product

My order arrived safely a couple of days ago. Yet again I am delighted. Thank you so much.. Regards,

Marilyn in England
Hey Andy!

Yep i did recieve it - thanks so much, its beautiful!

Kind regards,

Lakshi Jeyaratnam
yep got them! and love them! im sure ill be ordering more in the future! thanks!

Donna Walsh
Hi Andy,

I received the package just 2 hours after I sent the last email. I love it! It's absolutely beautiful, and exactly what I was looking for.

I will definitely be buying from you again in the future!

God Bless,

Andy Hudson
Yes i recieved the product and overall i am pretty impressed by the quality for the price which i paid and will be happy to do business with you in the future

Watson family
Just wanted to let you know that my daughter is so happy with her necklace, you do an amazing job and so quickly. I am sure we will be back for more they would make fantastic gifts

Barb Arnott
Hi, Yes, received the brooches and they are great. Thanks a lot for the speedy delivery.

Pam Snellgrove
I wanted to send you a thank you on doing such a great job with my necklace. I love it so much! It is more than I expected. I appreciate everything you did for me! I will be buying another one soon for a friend for her birthday! And I know she will love it as much as I do!

Thanks Again! Keep up the good work!!!

Julie Jurkovic
Hi Andy
Yes I received the necklace in perfect time to give it to my daughter for her birthday, and she loves it!! I don't think she has taken it off yet!!
Thanks again

Angela Burke
Hi Andy

Yep, I recieved it just a couple of days after I ordered it which was great!

I was referred to you by a friend who's had quite a few made for her daughters and god-daughter and they are all beautiful!

Thanks so much,

Yes, I recived my product today. Thank you so much it's really pretty and it's now my favourite piece of jewlery.

Thanks Again

Lesly Ruiz
HI Andy,

I received the necklace and love it! Thank-you so much, I've been wearing it as my daughter is about to turn 1, she can have it back on her 16th, as it's silver it shouldn't show the wear...

I'm tempted to order another one with the shortened version of her name but I'm assured that would be overkill.

Thanks for the fast delivery and great work!!

Good morning, Andy,

yes, the lovely ABBEY necklace arrived swiftly and is utterly gorgeous! The little princess who will get it (goddaughter Abbey) will wear it on her christening day, tomorrow, and my two little girls Queenie and Juno (whose necklaces you also made) will be wearing theirs, too -

so you will be getting as much free advertisement for a party of about 60 as is possible!

Thanks again Andy, will be sure to shop with you again - warm cheers,

Hi Andy
Just to let you know that I am extremely happy with your product and impressed with your very prompt turnaround time - I will certainly recommend you to others.

Deborah J. Graham
Thank you very much, I was meaning to send you a message to say I loved the necklace. Received it just 2 days after I ordered it, so was very impressed with that too. Thanks again,

Samantha Woolard
Hi Andy,

Yes I Received it, thankyou very much. Am pleased with the necklace.



It is lovely - thank you very much. I will be showing it far and wide.


Judi :)
Hi there,
I got it today actually, and I loved it! I’ll probably order more necklaces from you in the future, they make for great gifts! Thanks J

Mari Ann Pedersen
Hi Andy
Thanks for your email. Yes, I received the "Mollie" brooch and it is lovely. My friend was very happy with it. Thanks also for your very prompt response to my order. I may order more later in the year.

Diane Meaney
Hi Andy

Thank you. I received the necklace in record time and I am delighted with the product. It is making it’s way to UK to my niece who was very taken with the

fact she found something with the correct spelling of her name. If I need others I will certainly order from you again.

With Many Thanks

Jo Barber
Hi Andy

Thank you for your message and interest in confirming we received the name.
Yes, in fact we did last week and it was way better than we actually expected. Even though measurements were given, we anticipated a tinier piece

We're all delighted on having done business with you!
Thanks again and THUMBS UP!!!

Hi Andy, just received my necklace today & I think it's precious!!!........One of my work colleges saw my necklace & ordered his wife & daughter and ordered one each right then. I guess this will be a good happy for my wife for Valentines Day here in the states next month. I am pretty sure that after she sees it herself she will want to order all the nieces & such one for birthdays & Christmas.............Anyway, you do very nice work, keep-it-up!!!.................. and thanks again, I'm sure you will be hearing from me in the near future

Kat Day
Hi Andy
The order arrived very promptly on Monday in spite of the holiday season. The necklaces look great – Brecon gets hers on her birthday next week and I’m sure that she’ll love having something personalised. The other girls have to wait for their gifts until later in the year.
Thanks for following up,


I just wanted to let you know that my daughter loved her necklace, and wanted to say thank you very much!
Hope your holidays were happy!

Hi Andy,

I received your necklaces very quickly and my nieces loved them.

Thank you so much for such prompt delivery.

Regards !

Caylie Wigney

Yes, we received the necklace on Christmas eve, it is beautiful. My son just gave it to his girlfriend today, and she said she was going to wear it forever, they're 12.

Thank you,

Holly Goodermont

Thank you so much for sending the beautiful necklace in the name of Laura, which arrived a couple of days before Christmas.

My daughter and I are so delighted with it. Just perfect. I thought the price was very reasonable as well and I will definately use
you in the future and recommend you to my friends.

Many thanks again Andy. Hope you had a good Christmas.

Hi Andy,

Yes we received it well and truly in time for Christmas.
My daughter was absolutely delighted to receive it - even though I picked a too long chain.

We are really happy with the craftsmanship and quality of the piece.



Hi Andy,

thank you so much for checking. It did arrive and it's perfect. HAPPY HOLIDAYS,

Melissa Nacinovich

Merry Christmas!!

The necklace was for my sister and she loves it! Thankyou very much

Emily xx

Hi, Andy!
Yes, I did get them yesterday and they are perfect! They arrived just in time for me to give the other one to my little sister. Thank you very much, they are beautiful!
Happy Holidays!


Hi Andy
Picked it up Friday. Thanks heaps it looks great !
My darling Zoey will love it at Christmas.
Thanks again for the great service and product. I will recommend you to my friends.

Ken Passmore

Hi Andy,

Yes I have received the necklace and it is absolutely beautiful! I gave it to my friend as a Christmas present and she's in love with it, haha!

Thanks so much for your hard work, I know I'll be ordering from you again in the future.


Joann :)


Just wanted to let you know that we received our necklaces and were

very  happy with them! They are perfect. Thanks for the great product,

super reasonable shipping cost and the phenomenally quick turn around time.

Jude Abdo

Dear Andy,

The product is great!

I appreciate your time and effort in making the necklace.

Thank you so much.


Jonathan Sherman

Hi Andy, am pleased to report that the necklace arrived today and I love it,
and I know the person receiving it for Christmas will too. 
Thank you for your wonderful customer service and the very best wishes to you and yours for the season!

Janet Barrow

Thank you for all your trouble. I just received them and they are quite lovely. I probably had looked at every name necklace on the internet and most of them were more expensive than yours and looked tacky. I am very happy with them. You will probably be hearing from again after the holidays as I have two more granddaughters, not quite old enough yet but i would like to put them away for later.
thanks again,

mary crosby

Hi Andy,

Just to say I have placed the order paying the extra for express postage. Thank you so much for the voucher and I will hope they get here in time.
Just to say again that everyone loves the necklaces so much nicer than anything you can get over here.



Yes we have received necklace and it is wonderful. Thanks you for your very quick service.


Hi Andy,

Good news! I received it yesterday (12/12). It's perfect!! She's going to LOVE IT!!

Thank you for the communication and shipping concern. It was packaged perfect.

You have a great skill. I will definitely tell my friends (and I'm sure, so will she).

Thanks Again,


sorry Andy, i meant to email and thank you for the beautiful necklaces and the christmas card, like everyone else have been very busy.
I am interested in getting some gold necklaces, so when you start these could you notify me.
have a safe and merry christmas

Caiti Kimmorley

Dear -Andy ,
The necklace was received and I just know by looking at it and how picky my daughter is she is going to love it !!!!

it's unique and that's what I was after all the girls at her school have name necklaces but this one will stand out and be noticed .

Thank you!!!! you made my Christmas for the picky 17 yr old .


I received the necklace today so disregard the other email.
It looks great and I am sure my sister will love it! Thanks so much!

Happy Holidays,


Hi Andy,
Confirming receipt of my necklaces and they really look beautiful. My nieces will love them.
Thank you for your quick turnaround time.
Happy Holidays,


dear Andy,

yes i did receive your necklace
it was a gift to our youngest daughter for her newborn babygirl our little granddaughter now has to wait just a while till she can wear it

she is very thrilled about the necklace
delicate, nice work of art

thank you
kind regards and a cheer to the n.t. - gove was our home from 1971 till 1984 !


We received all five of our daughters necklaces and are quite pleased. 
We love the uniqueness of their names though it is hard to find items that will show this.
we know they will be thrilled to find them in their xmas stockings.

thank you.

Hi Andy!

Yes, we received the necklace very quickly- thank you very much! I thought it was beautiful & my 10 year old niece will love it, too, I am sure!

Thank you & Merry Christmas!
thank you.


To Andy,

Thank you for the name it looks great its amazing how you can do things like this with wire just by bending them so thanks a lot.

It looks so good I might buy more for presents from you.

Have a nice Christmas Yours sincerely


Hi Andy,
I received the necklace and love it! My sister-in-law is going to love it, too! Thank you!



The packages arrived and all the names are perfect!

I am so pleased with your product and have spread your name and e-mail address to all my friends!

I get a complement on my necklace every time I wear it. It was the first one, GiGi, to let everyone know I am going to be a gorgeous grandmom!

My daughter Rachael is expecting her first child.

I can not believe that I forgot to order a 14" with MY name so I can wear it together with the gigi one....Typical of me, always think of others first.
Have a happy health holiday, Thank you again for the beautiful work and prompt delivery.

Grateful customer,


Hi Andy,

Sorry, I did mean to email you thanking you for the necklace. It was lovely, and my friend liked it very much. Also, the delivery was very prompt

Thanks again,


It looks amazing just like the first one I got from u 5 years ago!!! I'm just happy that you were still I'm business!!!

Bobby Bright
Senior Account Manager


Yes I did receive the two necklaces I purchased and I they look great. I have purchased two necklaces previously and my nieces love their necklaces.

Thank you again,


Hi Andy, received my first order in 6 days and am delighted with them. Thanks,


Hi Andy,

Just received it today and it's beautiful! Thanks for the nice card and packaging. My daughter will be thrilled Christmas morning!

I plan to order more in the future for gifts.


Hello Andy,

I received it this afternoon and absolutely love it. It is so beautiful. I bought this for my daughter for Christmas and can not wait to give it to her.

I know that she is going to be so excited when she sees it.

It is so nicely done!!! You are very talented!!!

Thanks so much and have a wonderful Christmas!

God bless!


I got the necklaces. I really like them - may have to order one for me later. Thank you.


That was very fast. Thank-you.

Cherie Harper

yes i received them. they are all so beautiful. i love them. thanka again:)


Hi Andy,

Yes I received it and love it, thank you!

I have had lots of compliments on it and have passed your website on to a few people.



did send you a email last week,not sure if you receive it but answer to your question I love it thanks heaps will

definetly be ordering more for presents and might even spoil myself.Thanks again


Dear Andy,

I just received the neckless last night when I got home from work and could not wait to open it. It came out so beautiful!!!!

I bought this for my neice for Christmas and I know she is just going to love it. You do incredible work!!!

I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Thank you again!!!

Best Regards,


Thanks Andy! The necklaces were at the house when I went home for lunch today! They look great!

Leisa Schmidt

Hi Andy,

Yes I got them in no time at all and they are beautiful, thank you so much - they are Christmas presents for my girls and one for me too,

I think they will love them.

Best wishes,


Dear Andy,
I am sorry it has taken me so long to email you but I would like to let you know how delighted i was with the "audrey" necklace.

I am a costume designer and it isfor a production of "Little Shop of Horrors". It will absolutely finish the costume perfectly.
Thank you


Hi Andy

Yes I did receive both items that I ordered from you. They arrived on Friday 14 November. Really pleased with them,

and now my sis-in-law has placed an order with you after showing her what I got.

She was a bit concerned that she has wrote their names in capital letters to you, do you only do them all in lower case except

for the first it being a capital as this is what she wants.

Thanks again for great work and quick delivery

Margaret-Anne McEwan, Killie, Scotland

I have received the necklaces and they look great – thanks for your help it is much appreciated – I will be telling everyone
who asked about the necklace where to get them from



I have received the above order and we are happy with the product. We want to wish you a Merry Christmas also!!

Daniel Ferrera

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